About EEU

Throughout history there have been three major expressions of worship and understanding of our life together expressed in the body of Christ; the Sacramental (liturgical), the Evangelical and the Charismatic. It is our belief that God has uniquely work in each of these expressions of the Body of Christ. Therefore we have sought to draw from the best of each of these expressions within the Body of Christ to instruct our students.

We believe that Christ is the center of our understanding of God, ourselves, others and our life and worship together. We also believe that He, the Word, has express Himself through the word, the Holy Scriptures, therefore we seek to understand, explore and know the historical context through which He speaks to our lives, culture and world.

A primary role of Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary is to instruct, train and mentor persons who feel called into the ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ. Increasingly, persons that are mature adults or professionals are seeking to follow after the Lord’s call into ordained ministry. Therefore, we have felt that it is imperative to design educational programs that can meet the needs of students within the 21st century.

Most U.S.A. models of education in the past have almost exclusively centered upon the classroom environment. While continuing to use this model we seek to make available a high quality educational experience utilizing mentors and distance learning. A “university without walls” concept  provides the ability for the school to come to you rather than you having to leave where you are and go to school. This distance education program uses a combination of independent research and courses that are guided by our faculty mentors plus online classrooms,  In a day in which we can use technology such as the Internet, SKYPE, conference calling and online classrooms the ability to provide solid Christian instruction has greatly been broaden. By combining classroom work, life experience credit, distance learning, intensive seminars and mentors we are able to provide Bachelor through Doctoral degrees for many persons that were previously unable to complete their educational goals.