Programs of Study

The heart of all of our studies centers around the person, work and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ including what has been, what is now and what shall be. Our goal is to not only learn with our intellect but to also be very practical in application of biblical principles in our personal lives and the lives of those to whom we are called to minister.

Programs within the curriculum of the school will include:

  1. Biblical, historical and theological areas of studies
  2. The study, theology and personal development of Christian spirituality
  3. The worship of God through the centuries and an overview of the various streams of worship including the liturgical, evangelical and charismatic
  4. The cultivation of spiritual disciplines in our personal lives, including temperament studies and testing
  5. The sacraments of the Church
  6. Church renewal including study of the early Celtic Church (British Isles)
  7. Evangelism and church planting
  8. Leadership development and conflict management
  9. Discovering our gifts and callings
  10. The healing ministry of Christ through His body, the Church