Code of Ethics

  • We stand with all Christians, both past and present, against the misuse of all substances that abuse the body, foster addiction, and bring harm to others.
  • We affirm the need for responsible care and stewardship of the human body through regular exercise, practicing healthy eating habits, and proper balancing of study, work, rest, and leisure.
  • We commit ourselves to the practice of celibacy in singleness and fidelity in Christian marriage which we affirm as a sacred union between one woman and one man.
  • We commit ourselves to helping one another attain the highest standards of sexual morality, and to recognize the devastating personal, social, and global effects of sexual sin against God, the self, and others, but especially society‚Äôs most vulnerable members. Therefore, we oppose the willful termination of the life of an unborn baby for any reason excluding the saving of the life of the mother.
  • We condemn any form of harassment or abuse.
  • Anyone found either lying or cheating on scholastic work will be subject to discipline or removal from the school.
  • All grievances with students, staff or administration shall follow the outline of given in Scripture found in Matthew 5:23-26 and Matthew 18:15-20.