Academic Information

Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary promotes and expects high standards of academic achievement. It is important for each student to be acquainted with all regulations and to be informed of all policies and procedures for meeting graduation requirements.


Students transferring from recognized theological seminaries will be given advanced standing to the extent that their credits approximate the curriculum of EEU. Since EEU deems its courses essential for graduation, it will soon be possible to extend credit for subjects bearing minor similarity to those listed in the prescribed curriculum. No courses used as credit toward undergraduate degrees wil adopted as credit toward a graduate degree. Courses graded less than “C” will not be transferred. A copy of previous transcripts are to be sent to the EEU Administrative Office for evaluation. Upon completion of each evaluation, a EEU counselor will notify the student regarding the number of credits accepted for transfer. This information will be added to the student’s transcript at the time of the evaluation.


Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary uses the semester hour as the unit of credit awarded. This is defined as one clock hour of instruction per week for fifteen (15) weeks (or the equivalent). Most classes meet three hours a week and carry three semester hours credit. Graduate courses carry four semester hours credit.


When a college or institution requests an official transcript for the first transcript from Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary for each student is provided without charge but each subsequent official transcript is issued at a charge of S 10.00. Official transcripts are only issued directly to other institutions upon request and can only be issued by the EEU administrative office. Transcripts will not be issued for a student who has failed to meet all of his financial obligations. A student’s unofficial transcript will follow the same fees and guidelines.


Transferability of credits earned at this institution and transferred to another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution.